Maritime Construction Services (MCS) in partnership with DCN Diving is proud to announce the successful completion of the project in West Africa. The project involved the placement of various subsea structures, including ROV operations at 80m water depth, SAT diving at 80m water depth, lifting, and FPSO/SPM hoses replacement.

The project was executed flawlessly, and all objectives were achieved safely and efficiently. The subsea structures were successfully placed, and the hoses were replaced without any incident.

The MCS flagship vessel, MPV Everest, was deployed for the execution of the project. The vessel’s two subsea cranes were used to place the subsea structures and hoses. The twin-bell saturation dive system was utilized to enable the SAT divers to perform their subsea tasks efficiently. In support of the subsea activities, three work class ROVs were used.

Erik de Haas, Commercial Director of MCS, expressed his gratitude to DCN Diving for their valuable partnership in the project. He also commended the MCS team for their excellent performance and dedication, despite the challenging conditions.

“We are proud to have completed this project safely and efficiently. Our team worked tirelessly to ensure that all objectives were achieved, despite the challenging conditions. This project demonstrates our commitment to delivering high-quality subsea services to our clients. We are grateful for the partnership with DCN Diving, and we look forward to collaborating on future projects,” Erik said.

The successful completion of the project reinforces MCS’s position as a leading provider of subsea construction services. The company’s focus on safety, quality, and efficiency continues to set them apart in the industry.