35a, Avenue John F.Kennedy
L- 1855 Luxembourg
Grand-Duché de Luxembourg
Tel.: (352) 27 47 22
Fax: (352) 27 47 8022

What we are

Maritime Construction Services (MCS) is a company incorporated under Luxembourg law, focusing on the financing, acquisition, operation and chartering of highly specialised ships, used mainly in the offshore oil and gas sector.

Headquartered in Luxembourg-City, MCS has a vast experience in the construction, operation and chartering of a variety of vessels, offering a range of marine services, such as broking, contracting, towage, consulting and crewing.

MCS operates a fleet of heavy-duty vessels, such as barges, pontoons and tugboats, which it hires out to other companies, who need them for expert tasks, such as the laying of offshore oil and gas pipelines in rough conditions.