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Grand-Duché de Luxembourg
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MCS offers a complete range of services, from finding the vessel that meets all the requirements to construction and from acquisition to manning it with an expert crew. Services:

You need a vessel? We’ll find it for you. No matter how specialised the purpose or how rare it might be, we rely on our extensive network to track it down.

The vessel you need doesn’t exist yet? Your needs are so specific that you require a custom-built boat? Then we’ll handle the construction.

Our experience in building heavy-duty ships enables us to provide you with everything you need: from planning over construction to finishing. You want it; we’ll build it for you.


You have found the perfect vessel and need financing? We’re here to help. The acquisition of a large vessel is complicated and costly. However, our vast experience in securing such financing helps you get one step closer to seal the deal.


Operating a large vessel requires expert know-how. Since we operate our own fleet of highly-specialised ships, we can assist you every step of the way towards efficient and high-performance operation.


A specialised vessel needs an expert crew. However, finding one is never that easy. Since effective vessel operation is only possible with a highly specialist team of sea- and crewmen, we rely on our extensive network and vast know-how to find the crew that fits your ship and perfectly suits your needs.