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Maritime Construction Services’ pipe lay barge “Fortuna” completes first mission

Maritime Construction Services had acquired the 300-meter-long pipe-lay barge “Fortuna” at a cost of 150 Mio USD through a loan worth 690 million Renmimbi (roughly 100 million USD) by the China Development Bank (CDB). This important financing facility was arranged by Edison Capital Partners from Luxembourg.

Fortuna has now returned from its first assignment near the Russian island of Sakhalin and is safely back in the port of Shanghai for maintenance works. “Fortuna’s assignment has proven to be highly successful as it weathered harsh Arctic conditions in the North Pacific, laying kilometres of pipeline on the seabed and thus ultimately ensuring China’s oil and gas provision” says Valery Kornienko, one of the company’s directors.

At this time, Maritime Construction Services is also acquiring a fleet of specialised vessels to be put to use in the offshore oil and gas industry. With PLB Fortuna, a new benchmark in production capacity and efficiency has been set, as Mr Kornienko elaborates: “charterers are thoroughly pleased with the PLB Fortuna and are now hiring the barge to work on two new projects in the coming season. This is a real success story for us”.

Once the harsh Arctic conditions subside, Fortuna will be back in action near Sakhalin to continue its vital assignment.

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